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Neck Pain

At Creston Chiropractic Center we will strive to relieve any localized or radiating pains that you suffer from with the least invasive forms of treatment possible. Either by means of chiropractic Adjustment or DTS disc decompression therapy, we will do our best to relieve your pain. Advances in surgical techniques and new artificial discs have made tremendous headway in pain relief but their will always be risks associated with any surgical procedure. Recent statistics show that there are roughly 15,600 cases of paralysis or stroke per 1,000,000 cervical surgeries, and 6,900 reported cases of death per 1,000,000 cervical surgeries. Admittedly this is a relatively small percentage, but the risk is there! In certain extreme cases it may be necessary to refer you on to a specialist, however you owe it to yourself to try every possible option before you commit to expensive and potentially risky surgical procedures.

At Creston Chiropractic Center we believe that an educated patient is a happy patient. If you know of others that may benefit from this information please share it with them. If this appears to be what you or someone close to you suffers with please call and make an appointment at 641-782-6226. The greatest compliment you can give to a physician is the referral of friends and family.

Neck and back problems strike people of all walks of life. They're not just a problem for heavy laborers. Desk workers have a higher incidence of pain over blue collar workers. Being strong doesn't protect you if you abuse your spine. Having a light job doesn't necessarily protect you either.

Stiffness may arise from something as simple as falling asleep in a wrong posture. As the joints lock into this position, the muscles can painfully guard, spasm, and fatigue. Neck problems may also arise from arthritis and injury (i.e. whiplash).

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We brush our teeth to avoid decay; we wash to avoid infection; we follow traffic laws to avoid accidents. While a back injury may not kill you, it can cripple you, physically, emotionally and financially. An expert must determine the underlying causes of such neck pain. Examination, diagnosis and treatment by a trained doctor at Creston Chiropractic Center can relieve your mind and may quickly relieve your pain.

Certainly neck pain that keeps coming back or lasts for many days is a signal that something isn't right. These spinal problems are extremely difficult to get rid of. They are however easy to avoid. The key is YOU! You must take responsibility to do what is right for your spine.

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