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The Subluxation Complex is universally accepted by both the medical and chiropractic professions as one of the leading causes of pain and illness. The difference is in the method of treatment. The allopathic (medical) approach is to give the patient muscle relaxers and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and hope it resolves itself. In certain extreme cases steroid injections are used to dull the pain. The chiropractic approach is to use manual adjustments and active therapy to re-mobilize the spine and return it to its normal function and ranges of motion. At Creston Chiropractic Center we are not anti medicine, M.D.'s and D.O.'s are best at treating internal medicine issues and traumatic injuries. We feel that chiropractors should be a patients first choice for musculo-skeletal injuries, headaches, muscle spasms, and subluxations.

There are several components that qualify the condition as a "complex." They include:

1. Joint misalignment

2. Disc bulging

3. Nerve irritation

4. Muscle tension or weakness

5. Spinal decay

Chiropractors are the only health care providers that specialize in correlating all five components and resolving the condition with specific and corrective spinal adjustments. If left untreated a subluxation has the potential to cause chronic and permanent disabilities.

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At Creston Chiropractic Center we believe that an educated patient is a happy patient. If you know of others that may benefit from this information please share it with them. If this appears to be what you or someone close to you suffers with please call and make an appointment at 641-782-6226. The greatest compliment you can give to a physician is the referral of friends and family.

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