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A whiplash injury is a generalized term for any soft tissue injury to the neck by a violent flexion or extension of the neck. Auto accidents are by far the most frequent cause of this particular injury. Chiropractors have been treating whiplash for decades with exceptional results.

There are seven small bones in the neck, all held together by an elastic connective tissue called ligaments. Surrounding these ligaments are small postural muscles connecting each bone to its neighbor. The ligaments hold the bones together and create stability, and the muscles pull them apart to create motion. This cooperation creates a neck that naturally curves to the front of the body yet keeps the weight of the head centered over the shoulders.

Any impact, from a rear end collision, a fall, or anything that forces the neck beyond its normal ranges of motion opens the soft tissues of the neck to injury. The small supporting ligaments and muscles are pulled twisted and torn, and the intervertebral discs are crushed. This causes the gelatinous center of the disc to force its way through the fibrous outer layers compressing the spinal cord or nerves. It is possible for the natural curve to reverse itself putting an increased load on the discs, compounding this problem. A disc is more likely to rupture towards the spine and nerves than in any other direction.

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